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Our lucky glass straw recipients who aggressively REJECT PLASTIC!

Living Legend Booker T. Jones
Adam Duritz
Guitarist/Musician Extraordinaire David "Immy" Immerglück
Millard "the Lone Wolf" Powers
Charlie Gillingham
Jim Bogios
Dan Vickrey
Dave Bryson
Dennis "the Dude", merch, meet and greet management, and so much more
Everybody wanna pass as cats, few do it as beautifully as Marla!
Evan, our youngest glass straw user. No nasty plastic toxins for him!

Liz and Janien

Ryan and Jess
Jessica and Bryon
Laura and Don, where's Deb?
Wherever, whenever, with whoever, Victor Garcia, musica exquisita!
Darian Gray and John
Daniel Littleton, guitar master
Martize Gregory @ My Bootcamp Coach


Bruce "Go-Go" Gómez
Cody @ Ward Eight (The Original Glass Straw Using Bar)
Anders @ Ward Eight (The Original Glass Straw Using Bar)
Andres @ Latin Street Dancing
Power couple, Ashley and Tim
Our Founder